Online iGaming and Gambling Glossary - your guide to gaming terminology

Online iGaming and Gambling Glossary

Online iGaming and Gambling Glossary – your guide to gaming terminology

The Glossary is a collection of terminology used throughout the gambling world.

10 Cent Line The money line difference (10 cents) between what a bettor would lay with the favorite or take back with the underdog; see Dime Line.
20 Cent Line The money line difference (20 cents) between what a bettor would lay with the favorite or take back with the underdog.
Across The Board A method of wagering on a horse to win, place and show.
Action A wager of any kind.
Active One who is still in the pot.
Active Player In poker, one who is still in play.
Addon In poker, the possibility of buying additional chips during a tournament.
Aggregate Limit Total payout liability of a casino during any one game.
Aggregate Winnings Cumulative or total winnings.
All In Putting all your money in.
All or Nothing In Keno, a ticket that only pays if either all picked numbers are drawn or none of the picked numbers are drawn.
All Weather Racing Flat racing which takes place on an artificial surface
AllorNothing In Keno, a ticket that only pays if either all of the picked numbers are drawn or none of the picked numbers are drawn.
Anchor The player sitting in the last position on a blackjack table before the dealer. This is the person who makes the final decision, thereby anchoring the game.
Anchor Man The player betting from the last chair at the blackjack table.
Ante The initial bet before you receive your cards in Casino Stud Poker.
Ante Usually a poker term used for the wager to enter a game, or a hand.
Ante-Post Betting days, weeks and even months before the race is due to take place
Any Craps A one roll bet in roulette totaling 2, 3, or 12.
Any Seven A one roll bet in roulette totaling any 7.
Arm In Craps, a player who has such skill at throwing the dice that he can alter the conventional odds of the game. Such a player is said to be “an arm”, and is usually not seen kindly by the dealer.
ATS Against the spread
Audition A test a dealer must pass before being hired by a casino.
B.R. Bankroll
Baccarat A table game using 6 or 8 decks of cards which does not require skill. Similar to the skill game Chemin de Fer. Sometimes called Punto Banco.
Back Door A hand-made ‘back door’ is one made using both of the last two cards. A back door flush in Texas hold ’em is about 20-1.
BackLine In Craps, the same as Don’t Pass Line.
Bad Beat Tough Loss.
Bad Paper Checks written by players that are not honored at the player’s bank due to insufficient funds.
Bag English casino term for “thousand.` Three bag, for example, is three thousand.
Bank Roll A total sum of money a player is willing to risk on a given visit to a casino.
Banker In card games, the dealer.
BankRoll Also known as Roll, this means the total money that a player has to support the bets they make.
Bankroll The total amount of money a player has for a gaming session.
Bar the 12 In craps, makes the 12 a push on the Don’t Pass Bar.
Barber Pole A wager made using a stack of various chips.
Barred Same as Banned. Not allowed to enter the casino premises permanently.
Barthe12 In Craps, this changes the 12 into a Push on the Don’t Pass Line.
Base The area on a Craps table where most of the bets are placed.
Base Deal Cheating by dealing from the bottom of the deck.
BaseDealer Craps dealer in charge of one of the Bases.
BaseDealer Craps dealer in charge of one of the Bases.
Basic Strategy A mathematical system for playing the game of blackjack.
Beard Messenger bettor
Beef A dispute or claim involving a player and his bookmaker or a casino dealer. A dispute over the outcome of a bet.
Belly buster An inside straight draw.
Bet Wager.
Bet the limit Wagering the maximum amount a player is allowed to risk in any game.
Betting Limits The minimum and maximum amount that can be wagered on any one bet.
Betting Right In Craps, betting with the shooter.
Betting Right Betting on the Pass Line or with the shooter.
Betting Wrong Betting on the Don’t Pass Line or against the shooter.
Big Blind In flop games, two bets are usually posted before any cards are dealt.
Bingo Bingo is a prize game played in halls. Basically, players buy cards with numbers on them in a 5 x 5 grid corresponding to the five letters in the word B
BlackBook A list of people forbidden to enter any casino in Nevada.
Blackjack A card game where players try to beat the dealer by getting closest to 21 without busting.
Blackjack Hand A hand whose first two cards total 21.
Blind Bet In poker, a bet posted without the player sees any of his/her cards.
BlindBet In poker, a bet made without the player seeing any of his or her cards.
Blinds A forced bet in Texas Hold `Em Poker.
Blinds A forced bet in Hold’em Poker.
Bluff A bet with a weak hand, usually intended to get other players to fold.
Boat Nickname for a full house.
Bonus Money that could be given to you for free for various reasons such as when signing up to an online casino.
Book To accept a bet.
Bookie A bookie is a person who collects and pays off the bets that are made.
Box In Craps, the area of the table controlled by the Boxman.
Boxcars In Craps, when you roll two sixes.
Boxing In horse racing, a single ticket comprised of more than one parlay.
Boxman The casino dealer in charge of the craps table .
Bracelet Winning a championship event at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) earns the player a Gold Bracelet. Highly prized amongst poker professionals.
Brass Brazilians The best hand, also known as the nuts.
Break In Blackjack, to exceed 21.
Break Even Point
Break Even Point Theoretical gambling term used to signal the point at which your bets and your payoffs would equal one another if you play for ever.
Break the Deck This term is mainly used in blackjack games meaning to reshuffle the cards.
Break/Bust Card The card received which causes the dealer or player to exceed 21.
Buck A $100 wager.
Bug A joker.
Bullets A pair of aces in the hole.
Bump To raise.
Burn Cards Undealt cards which are placed in the discard tray after a dealer has shuffled and cut the deck.
Bust To exceed 21.
Bust To run out of money. ‘Busted out’ in competitions where its final.
Button Big white marker in the shape of an ice-hockey puck the denotes the position of dealer in house dealt games.
Buy To buy a pot is to make a bet large enough that other players would be unlikely to call.
Buy In To buy chips. To convert cash into chips or the amount of cash used to buy chips at a table game.
Cage Financial centre of a casino. It is in this tightly controlled environment that the large money transactions take place.
Call In Poker, to match the current bet.
Call Bet A bet made verbally to other players.
Camouflage Anything a gambler does to conceal his or her actions from the casino.
Capping Placing extra chips on a bet after the deal has started. Illegal and it is a serious form of cheating by a player.
Card Counting A system developed to keep track of the high cards and low cards left in the deck.
Card Shark An expert card player.
Card Sharp A person who is an expert at cards.
Caribbean Stud A five-card poker game where all the players are playing against the house.
Caribbean Stud Poker A five card poker game where all players play against the house.
Carousel A group of slot machines that are positioned in a circle with a change person positioned in the center to exchange paper money into coins for the players.
Carpet Joint Slang for a luxury gambling casino (US).
Case money Emergency money.
Cashcheck A feature used by some online casinos software that allows you to review your financial transaction history.
Cashier’s Cage The casino cash desk for cashing in the chips.
Casino Advantage The edge that the House (casino) has over the players.
Catch When the cards are treating you well, you are said to be catching cards
Catch In Keno when a number you have chosen is drawn.
Chalk Favorite
Chalk Eater Favorite bettor
ChangeColor To exchange any one color denomination chip for another color chip.
Chase To place another bet in the hopes of regaining money originally lost.
Check In a casino, another term for Chip. In Poker, to stay in the game without placing a bet.
Check If no one has bet and it is your turn, you may ‘check’ to signify passing the initiate to the next player without risking money. (exception=7 card stud)
Checks Common name casino workers use when referring to chips.
Chemin De Fer A table game using 6 or 8 decks of cards, similar to Baccarat but requires skill.
Chip Poker chips are small round discs used instead of money at the poker table.
Chip Tray The tray near the dealer that holds the table’s chips.
Chips Round plastic discs representing different denominations of money. Casinos require chips.
Churn The effect of betting and re-betting money
Circled Game Game where action is limited due to uncertainties about injuries etc.
Coat Tail To bet the same numbers as someone who is currently winning.
Cold A player on a losing streak or a slot machine that does not paying out.
Color Up When a player exchanges smaller denomination chips for larger denomination chips.
CombinationWayTicket In Keno a ticket betting groups of numbers in different ways giving the player a wider range of winning combinations.
Come Bet A wager placed on the come line.
Come Line Area on the craps table where come bets are wagered.
Come Out Roll The first roll of the dice in craps that establishes the point.
Complete Hand A poker hand that is defined by all five cards. That is a straight, flush, straight flush, or a full house.
Cover Win by more than the point spread.
Craps A casino table game played with dice.
Craps Out In Craps, a roll of 2, 3, or 12 on the Come Out Roll.
Credit In online casinos, wagers are expressed in credits. 1 credit equals to 1 unit.
Croupier French word for Dealer used in the games of baccarat and roulette.
Cut To divide a deck into two parts.
Cut Card A faceless plastic card of different colour used to cut the deck.
D`Alenbert System A scoring plan in which one unit is added for a losing bet and one subtracted for a winning bet.
Dead Heat When two horses finish in a tie.
Deal To give out the cards during a card game.
Dealer Casino employee who deals. Sometimes called the Banker.
Deposit A payment you make using a credit card or one of the online payment systems in order to play casino games.
Deuce A two in dice.
Dice Two identical numbered cubes.
Die Singular for dice.
Dime Bet A $ 1.000 wager.
Discard Rack Area of the table where used cards are placed.
DiscardTray A tray for cards played or discarded near the dealer.
Dollar $100.
Dollar Bet A $100 wager.
Don’t Come Bet A bet placed on the don’t come bar.
Don’t Pass Bet A wager placed prior to the come out roll that a seven will be rolled before a point is repeated.
Don’t Pass Line The area on the craps table where don’t pass bets are placed.
Door card The first up-card in seven card stud.
Double Down Term used in blackjack meaning to double the original bet. The player then receives one additional card.
Down Card A face down card.
Draw To draw a card to complete a hand. Usually used in poker games.
Drop Money lost while gambling.
Drop Box On a gaming table, the box that serves as a repository for cash, markers, and chips.
Edge An advantage. Usually used to indicate a casino’s advantage over a player.
Even Money Bet A bet with 1 to 1 odds. In other words, the payoff is the same as the wager.
Expected Win Rate In slot machines, the percentage on the total amount of money wagered that you can expect to win back over time.
Exposure The amount of money one actually stands to lose on a game or race.
Face Cards The Jack, Queen, and King of any suit of cards.
Fill In Poker, to draw a card that makes a five card hand.
Fill up In poker to fill a full house.
Firing Betting a large amount of money.
First Base At the blackjack table the position on the far left of the dealer is considered to be first base and is the first position dealt with.
First to Speak In a stud game, either the high or the low card must make a bet.
Flat Betting A way of betting where the same amount is bet on each wager.
Flat Top A slot machine whose jackpot is always a fixed amount as opposed to a progressive.
Float The bank at a table.
Floorman A casino manager.
Flush In poker A hand consisting of five cards of one suit.
Fold Pass your hand.
Four Flush A hand with four cards of the same suit.
Four of a kind Four cards of the same rank.
Fourth Street The fourth card dealt in a hand of poker.
Full House A five card hand consisting of trips and a pair.
Gambling The voluntary risking of a sum of money on the outcome of a game or other event.
Get Down Make a bet.
Get on Have your bet accepted
Going All In also known as All
Grind Player A gambler who slowly works through his bankroll, betting very conservatively and in small amounts.
Gross Winnings The total payout including your stake.
Gutshot One card that will complete an inside straight draw.
Hand The cards a player holds.
Heads Up A game or a hand between two players.
Hedge Bet the opposite of your original wager in order to reduce the amount of exposure you have on a game.
High Poker Standard poker as compared to low poker or lowball.
High Roller A player that wagers big bets.
Hit To take another card.
Hold ‘Em Poker where the players have only two cards, both face down. A flop of five communual cards gives the player a choice of five from seven to make the best possible hand.
Hole Card Card that is dealt face down.
Hook Half point in point spreads.
HornBet In Craps, a one roll bet combining 2, 3, 11, and 12.
House Another name for casino, dealer, or banker.
House Advantage In simple terms the mathematical winning edge a casino has provided for itself.
House Rules Set of rules established by the casino for the player’s and dealer’s to follow.
Inside Bets A roulette bet placed on any number or small combination of numbers.
Jackpot In slot machines a big win.
Joker A Wild Card, or the 53rd card in a deck.
Kicker In Draw Poker, an odd high card that doesn’t contribute to a Straight or a Flush.
Layout Cloth on a gaming table. Markings tell you where you can place your bets.
Limit Maximum bet accepted by the house before the price will be changed.
Line The money line, odds, or point spread of any given contest.
Live card A card that has not been seen.
Live game A game with lots of betting action.
Load up To play the maximum number of coins per spin that a slot machine or video game will allow.
Lock Easy Winner.
Low Poker A kind of poker in which the lowest hand wins. Also called Lowball. Opposite of High Poker.
Marker A check written at a table by someone with established credit at the casino.
Mini Baccarat
MiniBaccarat A smaller form of Baccarat with fewer players and dealers.
Money line The amount you must bet to win 100 or the amount you win if you bet 100.
Monkey Term sometimes used for a card valuing 10.
Net Winnings Total payout less your stake.
No-limit A game that allows a player to bet all his chips at any betting round.
Non Negotional Chip A promotional chip which cannot be exchanged for cash.
Number Pool The entire range of numbers on offer in a game like Keno.
Nut straight The highest possible straight.
Odds The amount a bet pays off. For example, 10 to 1, 5 to 1, 50 to 1, etc.
Open In Poker, the player who bets first.
Outs Ways of improving your hand to win the pot.
Overlay A bet in which the player has an advantage over the casino.
Paddle Plastic device that dealers use to push paper money into the drop box.
Paint Same as a Face Card. A King, Queen, or Jack of any suit.
Pair Two cards of the same rank.
Palette Tool used by the dealer in Baccarat to move cards on the table.
Pass To not bet.
Pass Line The area where a pass line bet is placed.
Pass-Line Bet A bet made prior to the come out roll that a point will repeat.
Past Post To make a bet after an event has started.
Payline The line on a slot machine where symbols line up.
Payoff The return paid on a winning wager.
Payout The amount of money paid out to you as a win.
Pick or Pick’em A game where neither team is favored.
Pit Boss A supervisor who oversees a gaming area.
Pit Manager A pit manager is in charge of all the table games enforcing casino policy.
Playing Strategy A self-imposed set of rules designed to give the player the best odds for defeating the dealer.
PocketCards In Poker cards dealt face down.
Poker A card game with many variations in which players attempt to arrange a winning hand according to each individual game’s rules.
Poker Hand A collection of exactly five cards that constitute a hand according to the accepted list of hands.
Pot In Poker the amount of money that accumulates in the middle of the table.
Press To bet a larger amount than usual.
Pressing A player is pressing the bet when they let winnings ride by wagering them along with the original bet.
Progressive A slot machine with an increasing jackpot. Opposite of a Flat Top.
Punter Another name for Player.
PuntoBanco Another name for Baccarat.
Push When the dealer and the player have hands with the same total.
Quads In Poker, another name for Four of a Kind.
Qualifier In Poker, the minimum rank of a hand in order to be a winner.
Rabbits Weak players.
Rack Plastic, wooden or metal tray to place rows of poker chips.
Raise Increase the previous bet.
Rake The percentage of a pot that the house keeps.
Rank In poker the value of a hand of cards.
Rated Term applied to players of a high skill level.
Reels A wheel inside a slot machine window on which the slot machine symbols are printed.
Riffling A commonly used shuffling process in which two halves of a deck are intermixed by the dealer.
Round One cycle of a game and all the bets that are placed during that cycle.
Royal Flush In poker an ace high straight flush; the best possible hand.
Royal Straight flush An ace high straight flush.
Score To win a lot of money.
Scratch Withdraw, cancel.
Session Any period of gambling.
Seven Card Stud Popular variant of stud. Seven cards each, dealt two down, four up, one down.
Shill Casino employee who goes around to empty tables and pretends to be a player in order to get a game going and attract other players.
Shoe The box from which the cards are dealt.
Shooter In Craps, the person rolling the dice.
Showdown In Poker, the name of the conclusion of a game when players show their cards to determine a winner.
Shuffle Tracking A high level blackjack playing strategy used by card counters.
Shutter In Bingo the name of the flap on a Bingo card used to mark each number as it is called.
Single A simple bet on only one event or selection. Also called a Straight Bet.
SnakeEyes In craps when you roll a two.
Soft Hand A hand in blackjack that contains an ace counted as eleven.
Stack All your chips.
Stand The decision to not receive another card.
Stay To not accept any more cards. To Stand.
Straight In Poker, five consecutive denomination cards of different suit.
Straight Bet A single wager on a selected side or over/under.
Straight Flush In Poker, five consecutive denomination cards of the same suit.
Stripping A shuffling technique which reverses the order of the deck, from the first card to the last.
Stud Poker A poker game with no draw.
Suit Any of the four types of cards in a deck: Clubs, Hearts, Spades or Diamonds.
System A method of betting based on mathematics used in the hopes of getting an advantage.
TappingOut Losing everything causing the player to stop gambling.
Tell An unconscious gesture that reveals information about your hand.
Tell Play Term associated with reading a player or a dealer’s body language or facial expressions to guess Hole Cards.
Three Card Monte
Three of a Kind In poker, three cards of the same rank.
Ticket A card.
Token The casino coins used to play slot machines.
Trips Three cards of the same rank.
True Odds The real odds of something happening as opposed to what the bookies offer.
Underlay When the odds on a proposition are in favor of the house.
Unit Technical term used to express the smallest amount of money used in wagering without specifying the actual currency amount.
Upcard The dealer’s exposed, or face up, card.
Wager A bet.
Value An overlay.
Vigorish A commission taken by the casino. Sometimes called Vig or Juice.
Vigorous Bookmaker’s commission. Also known as juice.
Wild Card A joker or other card that can be used as any other card to complete your hand in card games.
Wild Royal Flush A Royal Flush that makes use of a wild card.
Working A dice term meaning that the bets are in play.